My debut novel 'Stereo City' 'Echoing' is set in Glasgow, Scotland and I've mocked up a cover design for it.

The background image is of the Kelvin River (viewed from Dumbarton Road) which is an important feature and landmark in the narrative; the chemical symbols are important too, rippling through the heart of the story: brain chemistry and all.

And then there's the dress...


Glasgow, 1997:


Oasis are in the charts and Amanda knows they’re talking to her. Surviving on fish fingers, pink wafer biscuits and cigarettes, she converses with her beloved twins – until people begin to stare. She’s stopped taking her medication, her ‘Hang-dolls’, and she’s discovered a new obsession: a beautiful dress in a boutique window. Believing it holds the answer to everything, and urged on by the voices and signs around her – in lyrics, in codes, in the news report of Princess Diana’s death, but most significantly in her own head – she’s forced to take drastic action.

Designing the cover is part of my 'visualisation process' of imagining my book for sale in an actual bookshop, perhaps on one of those little islands in Waterstones; that waft of new-book-smell swilling all around. I'll keep you posted.